Track of the Week: Giant Pacific, Bad Eye

The votes are in and…Bad Eye is this weeks winner!

Bad Eye is the creation of two brothers from Boston, MA, who approach the darker and more elemental dance music genres with a singular mission: Create the soundtrack worthy of an ancient and giant deep-sea leviathan. Asher and Gage Norris have crafted deep and cinematic techno, electro, and progressive house under the watchful eye of the octopus since 2016, which saw the release of their debut EP, “The First of Its Kind.”, After a year of creating in the lair, they came to back to the surface and joined the Emercive Recordings roster to release their original track “Seven Sixty.” With a slew of new projects and ventures in the works, the two brothers are primed to make an impact in 2018.

This duo has been producing for about 5 years now, they describe Giant Pacific as their most “electro” track yet, brought into canon with an epic arp-driven breakdown.

Check out their stuff at:

Twitter: @badeyemusic

Instagram: @badeyemusic

Facebook: @badeyemusic

Soundcloud: @badeyemusic

Bad Eye is apart of the Emercive Recording Crew check them out:

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