Track of the Week: FROZEN, D.O. & Sysdemes

The votes are in and… D.O. & Sysdemes are this weeks winner!

Well, what can I say about them? Maybe I’ll sum it up in one picture (D.O.’s favourite image)

possum d.o.

D.O.  stated that “Frozen started out with Sysdemes and I wanting to try a vocal collaboration. I wanted to write something that could get people that aren’t too much into the techno scene yet into the style of music while having melodic content”.   Vocals was something that D.O. wanted to do for some time now, and with this track, they did it right!

D.O. wrote the main melody, while Sysdemes wrote the melody for the second drop. Sysdemes did most of the processing on the vocals but both he and D.O. stretched them to different timings. The drums were a shared job and D.O. handled most of arrangement, before Sysdemes finished up with mixing and mastering. Sysdemes says that this track means a lot to him because he: “never expected to have a track reach that many streams so quickly.”  This track will get many more plays my friend!

Now lets have a Listen!

Having Reached over 21k listens on Spotify alone, these guys need to be on your watch list this year! Sysdemes has also solidified a gig with well-known artist HEYZ. Grab your tickets!




They have been producing for some time and have had an interview with Hanz Ford in the very first Limitless Vibrations Podcast listen here.

You can also listen to D.O. & Sysdemes on the Emercive Label’s Spotify

EMERCIVE (pronounced ‘immersive’) is a North American, not-for-profit, independent record label launched in 2018 by electronic music producer Rhyot. With the values of open-ended originality and boundless creativity at its core. We don’t want you to listen to our music – we want you to experience it.”





Check out the other submissions below:


Thanks to our very own Deadly Custard for the Featured Image!

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