“We are a group of music producers, sharing our individual talents beyond the music, ranging from production, promotion, content creation, marketing and event organization.”

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Apostle Content

Sharing news and new music from our Members.






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Track Challenge is one way we’re trying to support music and artists we care about. Each week we’ll share one track that our community feels is worth your time, so be sure to check back, or follow us on our social pages to keep up-to-date…

If we you want to help us choose our track of the week, the process is quite simple:

  1. Join our community on our Discord server (contact us for details!)
  2. Go to the #track_of_the_week channel
  3. Drop a link to one of your new tracks, or a recent track you think deserves attention (we prefer up-and-coming artists…) into the channel
  4. Once a week, the community will vote on their favourite track and it will show up here.

See, simple? Our last track of the week was Little King, by Ashe: you can check that out here.

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Limitless Vibrations

Hello, this is Limitless Vibrations.


The future of music starts here.

Through our podcast series, Limitless Vibrations we hope to spend some time inside the heads of up and coming talent in the world of electronic music production.
Join me as we get to know the people behind these tracks while taking a small journey through their histories, techniques, inspirations, workflow, and future projects. We will take a deeper look into some of their featured tracks, and close things off with a special guest mix.

Stream ALL episodes from our playlist:

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Collective Supporters

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“Curvv is a record label born straight out of 2018. Initially starting as an outlet for members of the Curvv Discord server, it has quickly opened itself up to more producers and musicians from the outside world. Specializing in heavier bass, trance and house music Curvv hopes to introduce the world to a new generation of music makers and innovators.”


Music producer most known under alias “Foxhunt”. He also produces minimal/progressive/techno under the alias “Kiro” and Video Game Music under the name “Heavy press”.  Get in-depth tutorials on music production and stream music feedback/Q&A sessions on twitch.tv & Support on Patreon (Click Here)



Tutorials, reviews, original music and tips to help you get started on your journey in music. Subscribe & Support on Patreon (click here)!SummerMelody_Logo_color_update“Summer Melody is a label for deep, melodic and progressive house/trance music, as well as ambient, chillout and downtempo music.  Not only we would like to share our favourite music to everyone, but we would like to promote less known artists, release on our label and showcase their work..”