“We are a group of music producers, sharing our individual talents beyond the music, ranging from production, promotion, content creation, marketing and event organization.”

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New Releases

Our Friend FEYLN has released another killer track!! Check it!!

Friend Viligir has released his remix of Julian Gray “It is What it isn’t” Solid track! Have a Listen!

Friend Kryogen with another great tune

“I CAN FEEL” Have a Listen!

Friend PIXLR with another Remix!! Have a Listen!

Friends Ashe, Arcadia87, Sysdemes, LUNR, Chris Waldt, and Julian Gray are on this amazing mix of artists in WAF Vol.8 !

Listen Now

New Remix is OUT!

Apostros “Stay” remixed by our friend Redcifer!

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Our Long Time Friend Deadly Custard has a release!!!

Deadly Custard

Live Mix from AAC Freind 28MM!

Coming soon another remix from our member collabs!

Apostro and Redcifer!

debut EP is available everywhere. Be sure to grab it today or stream it to help support him. This has been one hell of a year, thank you everyone!


Newest Member of AAC! 

Have a Listen!!


Members of AAC collaborating!!

PIXLR and 80M

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Collective Supporters

Being one of the founding members of the UpNorth Agency. Castnowski is looking to sake things up in the music industry. He’s also head of the record label Fraudulent Records and the Pop Label 12th Floor Record. He is building a future where his music and projects will have long term impact on the scene!


Music producer most known under alias “Foxhunt”. He also produces minimal/progressive/techno under the alias “Kiro” and Video Game Music under the name “Heavy press”.  Get in-depth tutorials on music production. 
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“Curvv is a record label born straight out of 2018. Initially starting as an outlet for members of the Curvv Discord server, it has quickly opened itself up to more producers and musicians from the outside world. Specializing in heavier bass, trance and house music Curvv hopes to introduce the world to a new generation of music makers and innovators.” Listen & Support (click here)

Tutorials, reviews, original music and tips to help you get started on your journey in music. Subscribe & Support on Patreon (click here)!

“Summer Melody is a label for deep, melodic and progressive house/trance music, as well as ambient, chillout and downtempo music.  Not only we would like to share our favourite music to everyone, but we would like to promote less known artists, release on our label and showcase their work.” Listen & Support (click here)

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